Step 1: Get Your Tracks Finished

This is a no brainer right? In order to even create a mixtape you MUST have a catalog of songs to choose from to create it.

If you have no tracks done get them done right away!

Step 2: Get Your Tracks Organized

Once your tracks are completed it is CRITICAL to get them organized and all in one spot.

To get your tracks organized you must Create New Folders named after each track

After that this is what you should place in each folder:

  • Project File
  • Instrumental (if you have trackouts make the beat folder a subfolder)
  • Recorded Files (all your recordings will go into this subfolder)
  • HQ MP3 File/HQ Wav File




This image is similar to how your track folders should be organized. This method will make everything way easier to find and locate. Remember time is money!

Step 3: Set Up A Playlist For Your Tracks

If you use Windows like I do then you can use Windows Media Player to do this. If you are on a Mac, no worries you can use iTunes.

Basically once your tracks are organized in folders start making a playlist of all them.

You can play around with the order and get a feel for which track order sounds better. Your goal is to make every project sound like a movie complete with a climax and resolution.


Above is a project I am working on with an artist. It is still in the beginning stages but I am already inputting our tracks to get a feel for where we need to take the project.

Step 4: Prepare to Drop Mixtape

Once you have all the tracks completed, organized in folders, and the order has been created now you have to do the final touches to your mixtape.

  • Mixtape Cover (Front/Tracklist)
  • Embed Cover On Each Track
  • Compress Entire Project As Zip File

From there all you have to do is drop it, but just dropping it will not be enough. You will need a comprehensive plan of action to market and promote your project so you can get maximum results in achieving the fanbase you want.

I will be talking about how to form a plan of action here soon so stay tuned!



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