What Is We Got Beats LLC

We Got Beats LLC is a premium music production company found no where else online. We cater to those who want quality beats and production, are serious about their career, at a fair price. Unlike most websites you find online, we have a rigorous screening process for new clients so you will not have 1000 different artists using your beat. For more info please click here

What Can We Got Beats LLC Do For Me?

Great question! We provide not only access to beats through our beat store (for Silver Members only), but also professional feedback on how to improve your tracks, mixing services, mastering services, and marketing services to help you grow your fanbase and advance your career. Here at We Got Beats we realize that your success is our success and we will do everything we can to help you achieve your goals in the music industry. Without you we wouldn’t be here!

Will We Got Beats LLC Be My Personal Producers

In short, Yes we will! But there is a catch….We like to work with serious, like-minded, goal-oriented, likable, and talented artists that fit our production style. We have a strict and rigorous selection process on clients we choose to work with. Anyone can become a Free Member of We Got Beats and it is encouraged even if you fail our process a few times. To keep this simple, become a Free Member and we will see if we can work together.

How Do I Get Started With We Got Beats LLC?

You can get started with We Got Beats LLC by becoming a We Got Beats Free Member. Check the form below this post to get access now

How Do We Got Beats Memberships Work?

We Got Beats Memberships are structured like this:

  • Free Memberships - Free for anyone to join and download 1 free beat for non-profit usage.
  • Bronze Memberships - $2.00 entrance fee (We do this to weed out flakes and get only serious people, everyone's time is valuable, we respect yours, please respect ours). Download Free eBook - Retail $7
  • Silver Memberships - Access To Beat Store, Mixing and Mastering Services + Way More! Only earned through our selection process

Once A Free Member Can I Upgrade My Membership?

Yes you can, once you become a free member we will let you know through email when we will be opening the flood-gates to upgrading. We don’t like to take on too many clients at once because we want to work seriously with our artists.

How Can I Buy Beats From We Got Beats LLC?

You can only Buy Beats from We Got Beats LLC by becoming a Silver Member. We offer a wide variety of instrumentals to choose from, but not EVERY genre. We supply high quality Hip Hop Instrumentals, Rap Beats, Dirty South Beats, Trap Beats, R&B Beats and Sampled Beats. We also do Custom Beats. Simply put, if you are interested in techno or dubstep, we are not your producers.

How Do I Qualify To Purchase Beats From We Got Beats?

You must first go through our Selection Process. It can take anywhere between 24-72 hours to let you know if you’ve been approved. To qualify you simply must send us a short email describing who you are, what you do, what your goals are in the music industry, as well as an audio file to your best track and finally phone number where we can reach you. If you are approved we will contact you through email or phone and manually upgrade you.

What Other Services Do You Provide?

Besides beats and instrumentals, we provide personal quality feedback and consultation with our artists. Unlike most “producers” online who sling beats to anyone like a drug dealer, we come from actually producing an artist and that goes beyond just selling you beats. We also provide mixing and mastering services and marketing advice.

How Do I Get Started Now?

Want to Get Started Now? Great! Simply follow this 5 Minute process:

  • Step 1 - Enter Your Email Address In Box Below; Press "Get Access Now"
  • Step 2 - Create Your Free Account
  • Step 3 - Check Your Email For 2 Emails - 1 For Our Newsletter to let you know when we will be offering great information and when to upgrade. 2 to Get Your Password
  • Step 4 - Sign In To We Got Beats

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Travis Schave is CEO/Founder/Music Producer at WeGotBeats.com. As well as helping your craft dope tracks and make beats, he is also in charge of our content making sure you get the right information to make decisions in your rap career.