Saw this article posted on today and I thought this really ties in into a lot of what has been covered here on this site.

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Basically, Fong Sai U (The Roots affiliate) was speaking on the state of Hip Hop today.

Hip-hop’s f*cked up right now because people think because of your money, that makes you a better artist. I don’t care how much money you got or how big your studio is, that doesn’t make your sh*t dope. Back then, you had to prove yourself in hip-hop.

Everything today is about how much money you got, how many chicks you took home, all the bottles you popped, how many dudes you killed, ect. .

Not much is brought up about skill today.

If you question someone’s skill, you will either be labeled a hater or basically be disregarded as irrelevant because they getting money so it doesn’t matter that their lyrical content sucks.

There are only a handful of mainstream rappers today that can literally be considered true lyricists. Moving on.

Guru had the voice. Now, everyone has these high voices now. Redman had his own voice. Method Man had his own voice. Guru had his own voice. Nobody’s voice sounded the same.

People were like, “I know who this is,” because they had their own voice.

This applies not only to the game today but also you reading this – YES YOU THE EMCEE!

Everyone sounds the same now – high pitched voice – check, mumbling lyrics – check, not constructing a basic rhyme scheme – check…

Then there is the major requirement – singing – check!

Now you know I have no problem with singing, but to be considered an emcee you need to spit more bars than sing. Bone Thugs N Harmony brought both bars and singing together beautifully, why can’t artists do that now?



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