Thanks everyone who replied back to the survey, I appreciate you!

The winner was more “Music Marketing” videos and since I haven’t done one in a while this is packed with game!

We will cover the basic strategy of music marketing and promotion. Think of these as goals to accomplish, later we will go into ways of HOW to do all this.

Next videos in the series will go into some of the best ways to promote your music online so you can get a solid fanbase.

Let’s begin!

1. No Project ---> Project Completed

This is the first angle in the pyramid because as music artists our main duty is making quality music to share with the world.

I find it so hard to believe that many rappers I come across have 100’s of tracks just gathering digital dust on their hard drive.

Sure your homies may hear it or your family will hear it but the mass majority of people who would’ve loved to hear it have lost out on that experience…

Why you might ask?

Because creating projects and pushing your music is your main priority then it’s music promotion and marketing.

That’s the reason why so many rappers go unheard. Do yourself a favor if you have a gang of unfinished tracks right now,

I dare you to finish all those up before the week is out. You could be sitting on your goldmine and not even know it…


2. I have a project but no fans ---> Drop Project Get Fans 

So now that you have your projects ready to drop the next thought becomes…

“WAIT! I have no fans yet! Who’s going to listen to it..”

or some other variation of this weak minded thinking. Everyone suffers from it especially myself, but you must fight through that negative thought so that you can focus on the here and now and make something happen for your music career.

Look, everyone has to start somewhere…Hell I am not even where I want to be yet! This is a test of your will and perseverance to make your dream a reality.

I will be going into more detailed tactics in future posts that I will tag below once their complete:


Follow those above and I guarantee you will at least get 1 fan. I won’t try to make it a number you won’t believe even though I believe you can have MILLIONS of fans!

3. Got fans, can't monetize---> Get fans to purchase 

So now that you’ve dropped a project and gotten some fans what do you do now?

I can tell you one thing you WILL NOT DO – that is keep providing your fans with nothing but free stuff.

This is an epidemic for upcoming rappers trying to promote their music online and get in the game.

Their low self worth prevents them from asking their fans to purchase anything from them. So they make everything free – then they have to get a J.O.B. (just over broke) so that they can support their family and take care of responsibilities.

If they would have just overcame their fear of asking for money they probably wouldn’t have to be in that situation.

Even if you’re one of those guys who says:


Okay let’s work within that logic – remember the music industry has changed and is continually evolving.

Music is being used as a platform by artists to get into different business ventures and sponsorship.

It’s been documented that some of your favorite rappers have been paid BIG MONEY to name drop companies in their song. I’ll sip my tea now…

Not to mention all their merch that they sell every month. This has made indie acts like Tech N9ne and ICP multi-millionaires without a major label deal!

Once we get you some fans I will start covering in detail ways of you making money from your music. The posts will be linked below:



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