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FL Studio Progression

I got started making beats with FL Studio (Fruity Loops cause were taking it old school today) because my family was broke and couldn’t afford “real” equipment.

This was back before Youtube and tutorials on how to use the program. I basically taught myself how to work FL Studio on demo mode, then cracked, and finally I purchased it and now get free lifetime updates.

This was a time when any beat making program was viewed with contempt. Basically you were not a “real producer” if you used Fruity Loops. Oh man, the names people called us because we used a program with that name.

Then 9th Wonder came and gave us users legitimacy in Hip Hop.

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What Is New In FL Studio 12

The most noticeable change is the new look. Even after a decade of using FL Studio my eyes went cross eyed when it loaded up on my screen the first time. It was difficult getting used to it but it does look beautiful.

Other than the look change, everything is pretty much the same in FL Studio 12.

The one pet peeve I had was trying to load my own VST’s. In other versions I could go to to the Step Sequencer (now called Channel Rack) and right click a channel, go to insert or replace and pick a VST of my choosing. Now it is nicely organized but my installed VSTs do not show up on the list. I possibly need to do some more investigation to make this work for me.

Instead, I have to go to the browser and drag things over, but I can live with it.

Should You Invest In FL Studio 12

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Look I understand, you aint got the bread for that right now, I get it. But if you are a music producer like me, selling beats and making money, the most honorable thing to do is go ahead and purchase the full product. It’s only right.

Besides you get free lifetime updates, so whenever a new version drops, you get an email and its as simple as downloading it on your computer.

Plus, you don’t have to go searching on some shady website for a crack version!

Do yourself a favor and get FL Studio 12 today.

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