Music Placement Failure turns to Music Placement Victory

So, I won’t lie to you right now, for the past week or so I have been pretty down in regards to my music business.

It all started when I submitted my first beats to a Def Jam music placement opportunity on MusicXRay is a site that allows music producers and artists to submit their music to placement opportunities and get guaranteed feedback.

Since it does cost money for submission, I carefully chose one of the hottest rap beats I have in my beat catalog. I mean this instrumental was FIRE!

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4 Industry professionals rated it, 2 gave it 4 stars out of 5. Then 2 more came in and lowered it to 3 stars out of 5. Still it ended up outperforming 69% of all submission on MusicXray.

To make a long story short, my beat was not selected for the Def Jam opportunity. Heres a screenshot for the reasons why it wasn’t selected.

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So even though he was a gentlemen about it, it still messed with my self-confidence. I’ve been going so hard with this beatmaking and producing shit for years, I know my beats that I put out for sale are dope enough, so why not pick me?

The Funny Way Life Works...

So I decided I would let it go and be happy that my beat was a good candidate. Sometimes letting things be as they are is the best medicine.

Yesterday, I learned that this same exact beat that I submitted was now going to have Cortez on it! If you don’t know who Cortez is he is one of the biggest battle rappers in the game today.

What did I learn? Just because one opportunity didn’t work out doesn’t mean to get down in a rut and sulk about it. Success in the music industry is similar to an avalanche, first we got to build momentum, it will come one way or another.

How My Beat Business Shot Up Google Rankings...and I didn't know about it!

As you can tell I am always dropping content. One of the things that’s most frustrating is not having my content out there to be consumed. Probably even more than the money itself.

I pour my heart, soul, resources and alot of time in developing my videos and posts. I really want to change life’s for the betterment of the world, so to not have that value out there is devastating.

This was just another reason that I got down on myself after that placement opportunity went south with Def Jam. But little did I know what was REALLY going on.

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That image above is a screen shot for my Number 7 ranking on the first page of Google for the keyword “trap beats for sale”! I looked deeper into it and it shows that my trap beats niche site has about 7 more highly targeted keywords such as “buy trap beats” that are all ranking on the first page of Google!

That was a major win in my eyes because I always wanted to do that and to finally see my hard work paying off is something to truly celebrate about.

The moral of the story is – No matter what do not give up on your dreams. We may feel stuck in the same place, we may feel like we are being ignored no matter what we do. But everything is a small progressive step forward to achieving our dreams in the music industry. Do no give up success is in the palm of your hands!

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