Rode NT1-A

Rode NT1A Microphone

The Rode NT1-A Microphone is my current mic right now. It's a great mic for capturing my own vocals. In this package you get not only the microphone but also a dust cover, pop filter, and cord to hook it into your audio interface. Unfortunately you have to purchase a mic stand.

I am currently looking at purchasing the last microphone at the end of this list. But this one is great and I highly recommend it for rappers on a budget. 

Audio-Technica AT2035

Audio-Technica AT2020PK Best Mics

Audio-Technica's AT2035 microphone has been around for a few years now. It's a versatile mic, great for podcasting and it's great for recording tracks.

In this package you not only get the AT2035 mic but also the ATH M20x headphones which is a great plus for this package.

In addition, you also get a mic arm to comfortably set it up in any environment. So not matter what kind of setup you got you can make space.

One of the cons of this package is that you need to purchase a pop filter. This is crucial.

AKG C214

AKG C14 Microphone Package

This microphone is a great purchase. This package got everything you need to start a podcast or recording vocals.

Not only do you get the AKG C14 mic, but you also get a pop filter, XLR cable, shockmount, and a high quality carrying case.

On top of that you also get a mic arm which will allow you too easily hang up your AKG C14 microphone without it taking up too much space.

Some cons on this package is that it is one of the higher price packages on this list. You also do not get any headphones as you do in the Audio Technica mic above. The mic arm is great for small spaces but if you want to stand and record vocals then you may want to invest in a new stand.

AKG P420

AKG P420 Best Microphones under $500

If you wanted an AKG mic on a smaller budget then look no further than this AKG P420 microphone package.

This is a pretty good microphone package. It comes with a high quality carrying case, Samson SR850 Professional Semi-open Studio Reference Monitoring Headphones, and of course the AKG P420 mic.

The downsides of this package is that you will have to purchase a mic stand and XLR cables in order to use it. 

Shure SM7B

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