We as music artists – emcees, producers, singers, ect. are very blessed with the gift of creating music for millions of people to enjoy.

Just like anything else in life though times can get hard and I just wanted to make this video and post for you if you’re going through a tough time.

Before I begin does any of this sound like you?

  • You've been rapping for years and you know your dope but it seems like no one wants to check your music out or give you a chance.
  • People have put their faith in your talent and you don't want to disappoint them by calling it quits.
  • You've invested tons of money into equipment, beats, professional CD duplication, ect and you have nothing to show for it.

If any of those sounded like you I really want you to watch the video because I have an amazing story of triumph in the face of adversity.

Remember, in our darkest hour could have sewn the seeds to our greatest glory.




Travis Schave is CEO/Founder/Music Producer at WeGotBeats.com. As well as helping your craft dope tracks and make beats, he is also in charge of our content making sure you get the right information to make decisions in your rap career.