SSL2 it worth the money?

Since 2014 I was using the Avid MBox audio interface with Pro Tools. I wanted to upgrade and there is lots of options to choose from. I needed something compact, high quality, as well as affordable. I plan on making a Top 10 audio interfaces post but for right now here's my honest take on the SSL2 Plus.

ssl2 review

The price of SSL2 Plus

There are actually two models Solid State Logic released that are affordable. They are the SSL2 and the SSL2 Plus. I got the latter. It's a little more expensive but I wanted more bang for my buck while keeping the cost low.

If you are looking for an affordable interface for around $200 - $300 then this is a must-own best audio interface.

ssl2 plus review

The build

This is very well-made. Although it's got a metal casing it is lighter than my old MBox. The big knob for volume is painted blue and just feels right.

It's got two knobs for headphones. This is an upgrade from the SSL2 but if you record by yourself you won't miss the additional headphone option.

Check out my review on the Akai MPC Live II about it's pads.


ssl 2 plus review

Besides price the main reason I chose this is the 4K Legacy Mode feature. You can get the big board sound without shelling out $20,000. After using it for a while I prefer it to regular recording. It give a rich, warm boost that other interfaces can't match.

In the build section I covered the headphone inputs. There are two XLR ports for microphones, guitars and other gear. MIDI I/O is only available on the Plus.

You also get quite a few high quality plugins from Solid State Logic. Personally I already had Waves Plugins so it wasn't needed on my end. I am sure they are very useful. If you need a SSL plugins then you will definitely get value out of this bundle.

You also get access to Melodyne which is freaking AWESOME! Again I have Waves Tune so it wasn't necessary but it does have great value.

4/5 stars!

Still a bit pricey but definitely got solid points especially 4K Legacy mode. If you need something cheaper you may have to consider a different option.

SSL2+ vs SSL2 

SSL Quality
4K Legacy mode
2 Channels
2 Headphone inputs
Price: $250
SSL Quality
4K Legacy mode
2 Channels
1 Headphone input
Price: $180