I was on Youtube the other day while I was uploading beats and saw this video off to the side about Jeru The Damaja – Come Clean from Complex.com. Come Clean has always been a favorite from the 90s and that video took me back to when I was a kid.

The beat was so fresh and innovative, the deceptively simple beat is typical of all boom bap production. From the raindrop like sample, the swing and slap of the drums, all the way down to the classic Premo scratched hook of Onyx – it’s arguably DJ Premier’s Top 5 Illest Beats.

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Words Of Wisdom from Jeru The Damaja

The part of the video (and reason I’m writing this today) comes in about 10:30 into the video. Jeru talks about the making of the song and wanting to sound apart from everyone else doing it at the time and make it last for 20 years later. He talks about whenever he touches that mic he wants to be LEGENDARY!

In Jeru’s words it’s not even about the money – the money comes and goes – but instead creating something that actually stands the test of time (as well as the earning of respect and recognition).

That’s what being an emcee is about – putting your mark down.

Do You Want To Become A Legendary Emcee?

Now let’s focus on you – do you want to become a legendary emcee?

Making a song that people play 20 years later and it still sounds as fresh as when you made it? Having organizations interview you about that track or album you made?

If this is a goal of yours (and you can most definitely accomplish this) then you must Stand Out and Not Blend In like I talked about on multiple previous occasions!

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What Separates You From Everyone Else Doing It Now?

Take stock of everything that you do that’s unique, the things that people admire your style for – then highlight those strengths. Those will be keys to your success in the music industry.

Also remember, right now as I am writing this, Trap Music, EDM, ect. is what is hot right now. It’s easy to just say “Well, I’m gonna do what’s hot right now and give the people what they want”. But this is the wrong thing to do.

Fans of Hip Hop music as a whole are becoming disillusioned with the state of Hip Hop right now as it stands. We have too much candy raps going on, which serve a purpose in it’s time and place, but we are lacking in REAL FOOD FOR THE SOUL.

I have proof of this in my upcoming video and blog post that I will link to when it’s complete. In addition, just look at artists like Kendrick Lamar, J Cole, hell you can even throw Drake into the mix. They are some of Hip Hops biggest artists right now and the reason is simple – Life is more than booty shaking, money making, cristal poppin, party non-stoppin type ish!

People need to make sense of what’s going on in their own life and what’s going on in the world around them. Hip Hop was always considered as the streets CNN – reporting on things the mainstream would not talk about. With everything going on in the world today you can help people make sense of all this.


ShottyGunz Beatz
ShottyGunz Beatz

Travis "ShottyGunz Beatz" Schave is CEO/Founder/Music Producer at WeGotBeats.com. As well as helping your craft dope tracks and make beats, he is also in charge of our content making sure you get the right information to make decisions in your rap career.

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