When Did You Start Rapping?


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You know I wasn’t always a producer…

When I was about 12 I wanted to become a DJ.

DJ Premier was my idol at the time and I wanted to scratch and mix like he did.

Unfortunately, living in a single parent household meant the money wasn’t there to buy the equipment I needed.

The only thing we had in abundance around the house was pens and paper so I started writing lyrics and rapping.

I used to have this wooden lockbox I would keep all my rhymes in because my older brothers would make fun of me and mock my bars.

You can most definitely feel where I’m coming from right?

Anyway, like most rappers I started out rapping as a way to vent and get my emotions and frustrations out. Also as a way to entertain myself and express myself in a positive way.

As I grew better and more confident to show other people my work I realized not only was music a way of entertaining and expressing myself.

But that music was also entertaining and above all HEALING myself and others.

That is the greatest role of a rapper like yourself. You have a duty to entertain, express, and heal yourself and others!

Let me repeat that

Your Duty As A Rapper Is To Express Yourself and Heal Others Through Your Music

True story – I dropped my first album back in 2005 around school. I made some good money off it to, but know what the most satisfaction I got from it?

People to this day still tell me they listen to that CD!

I had a track called “When It Rains It Pours” (before 50 Cent released his song) and people still talk to me about that track!

So your music has a very profound effect on the people who listen to it

The Rapper Myth - Your Not Good Enough


I’m sure a lot of people have told you

“Your music isn’t good”

“Your a rapper and that don’t mean anything”

“Your not as good as a doctor/lawyer/insert profession here”

Well I’m here to tell you – THAT IS ALL BS!

Here’s why

Science has proven that everything is made up of frequency. Every single thing, even if it appears to be solid is actually vibrating – which is frequency.

Frequency is MUSIC!

So you are a very special, gifted, talented person who can manipulate frequencies and turn them into healing energies

We the people need your music more now than ever.

Just look at how emcees like 2Pac has influenced doctors/lawyers/ect

The same people who are supposed to be better than rappers are actually relying on them throughout their daily life!

Get Excited About Making Music Again

Look I know times can be rough but my goal here is motivate you to get into that studio and bang out tracks


Without people like you the doctors/lawyers/ect are struggling in their life because they don’t have your music

Think to yourself why you started making music, why you started rapping and use that as a driving force to catipulte you to where you want to be in your rap career

I want 2015 to be the year this all changes for you

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