If you are looking for ways to build your fanbase from your mixtape or just general mixtape promotion advice this is the post for you. Since this is for beginners I recommend a site called Bandcamp.com

What does Bandcamp have to do with my mixtape?

Well, if you are just starting to take your music seriously and about to drop your first couple mixtapes, this might be everything to you. Bandcamp.com is a simple site that allows artists and fans to find each other.

When you create your account they will give you your own url similiar to sites you probably already use like Soundcloud. Whenever you drop a new mixtape you can just share this link in your social media, advertising, ect.

Now for the meat and potatoes of this whole mixtape/building your fanbase situation….

Building Your Fanbase Using A FREE Mixtape

Bandcamp allows purchases not only for your albums and mixtapes but also for merchandise (but we will not get into that subject on this post).

Free Mixtapes and Paid Albums both have their time and place and you should use each correctly. I have been preaching this for years. At the same time I don’t want you paralyzed with fear like I see most rappers today who just want to drop everything for free….more on that rant later though.

Free Mixtapes, when used properly, can blow up your fanbase! But if you haven’t learned much about direct marketing or any business skills, especially in the music business, then you may not know this important tip I am about to share with you.

Fanbase Explosion Tip #1: Mixtape List-Building

Building a list of contacts is critical to any businesses success, you as a rapper are a business as well so this principle still applies. Most of my success online from my many ventures has been due to the fact that I build a list of highly targeted, interested people who want the value that I am offering. Then by providing so much value, these people are more likely to purchase products. This is called the Law of Reciprocity.

Think about this: If your computer broke down right now and you needed to replace it and had 2 options.

1 would be a random, creepy salesperson knocking on your door, who you have never met, pitching you the latest, greatest model for a reasonable price

or you can get the exact same deal from your personal, close friend that you’ve known for years.

Who would you give your money to?

Exactly, you would buy it from your friend! Anyone in their right mind would. Why is that?

Well, simply put, you’ve known your friend for years, you’ve built a relationship with them. You both know each others families and have cracked jokes on each other. Been there through thick and thin. Theres a trust factor that a random salesperson will not have dealing with you.

That’s exactly what you will be doing with your fanbase, building a great relationship with them!

Mixtape List-Building Action Steps

With all that knowledge from this post this is exactly what you should do now so that you can start promoting your mixtape, building your fanbase, and start living your dreams as a successful rapper.

  • 1

    Create The Mixtape

    This is obvious so go ahead and get your free mixtape done already! If you haven't, download some of our free trap beats to get it started.

  • 2

    Create Bandcamp.com Account

    Simply go to Bandcamp.com and sign up as an artist. It is free, fast and simple. From there you can customize everything as I suggested in the video.

  • 3

    Upload Your Mixtape

    Once your done with your mixtape now is the time to upload it. Make sure you check the box that says "get email addresses". This is a crucial step in the process.

  • 4

    Promote Your Link

    WIth your mixtape created and now uploaded now you can promote your link on your social media accounts, locally, you can even do some paid forms of advertising for it. Whatever you do though, do not spam your link to people!

  • 5

    Get Email Addresses

    If you have targeted right you should see people start downloading your mixtape. Since you have ticked that box you will also get their email addresses for you to hit them up and follow up with them in the future.

  • 6

    Build Relationships

    Now it's time to build the relationship. Use those damn email addresses! But like I said previously, DO NOT SPAM THEM! Treat them like a close friend. Email them and ask for their opinion on the music they just downloaded and just be a cool person and start in regular contact with them.

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