You Are Not Buying Beats!

The first thing you must understand is when you purchase a beat, you don’t purchase the beat. You actually purchase the License to use the beat. That is the true value of purchasing beats and I will show you why…

The True Value Of Beat Licensing

Profitable copies – point, blank, period!

So when you purchase this beat license it will grant you a certain number or profitable copies you can distribute. We Got Beats Basic Lease ($9.97) offers up to 500 profitable copies. You can sell the finished, master recording of the song up to 500 times. That is the truest most important value of the licensing agreement!

Another strong point is Royalty Free options. Every license from We Got Beats group except for Exclusive Rights is royalty free. That means that whenever you sell the song you don’t have to pay me any royalties.

When you sell your 500 copies the license has been fulfilled and in order to keep selling the song, you would have to purchase a new license granting you more copies.

The Exclusive Rights Question

If I purchase Exclusive Rights to a beat what does that mean for everyone that leased it before I bought it?

Nothing, absolutely nothing. The licensing agreements made between other parties are still valid until terms are fulfilled. Though they won’t be able to purchase another license for that beat again.

What Are The Different Type Of Licenses?

  • Basic Lease - 500 Profitable Copies (see PDF for details)
  • Non-Exclusive - 2,500 Profitable Copies (see PDF for details)
  • Premium Lease - 5,000 Profitable Copies (see PDF for details)
  • Exclusive Rights - Unlimited; Royalties (see PDF for details)


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