The Art Of Trolling

Back in the day we used to just call it “Fucking With People” and I did it on a regular basis before I even heard of the term “trolling”. At the end of the day though it’s goal is to get people talking, pissed off, confused, and basically getting laughs.

Thats why it has always shocked me that people in Hip Hop don’t see it coming a mile away.

Whenever a rapper like Lil B or Daylyt has some new antics people are always taking it at face value and think they are just being honest. WRONG! They are doing it on purpose to get YOU talking about them. Remember the old phrase, “Any publicity is good publicity” the same applies here.

Just know when something ridiculous comes out about one of these guys it’s for a purpose in mind. That purpose is publicity and the more you talk about them the more popular they get.

Now I’m not saying be that outrageous, but look at some of those examples for inspiration.

Avoid Becoming The Average "New Rapper"

This correlates with your messaging that I talked about a little bit in my previous post.

Whatever your message is make sure it fits you and your brand and that it differentiates yourself from the crowd. Everyone is doing the same shit these days and I don’t want you falling into that deadly trap. You need to ask yourself what separates you from the competition and hone in on that.

If your the lyrical guy, be the super lyrical guy. If your the street-trap guy, try being the street trap guy with a cautionary tale. These are just a few suggestions of things you could do right now to get you standing out like a sore thumb!

Don’t be afraid to piss people off either. Get people in their emotions, once people are in their emotions they will start talking about you.

The other great thing about pissing people off is if you piss someone off and they don’t fuck with you then your only getting the loyal fanbase you crave. You can’t be everything to everybody so you need to figure out who you want to be your fan, and who you most definitely don’t want to be your fan.

Set the bar and expectations so high that only people who are truly fans fuck with you. You can look at indie artists like Tech N9ne and even ICP as examples. Either you LOVE their movement or HATE their movement. But 1 thing is for certain, the people who LOVE their movement are fanatics!

Do likewise ladies and gents!

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