Question #1 : How Large Is Your Fanbase

Before you start investing into a large inventory of merchandise you need to honestly assess your fanbase. If your fanbase is small, it may not be a good idea to start doing this yet. You don’t want to shell out a couple thousand on merchandise only to have it sitting in some room collecting dust! Of course you could hand them out for promotion but honestly that is quite a large investment for something that may not produce massive results.


Question #2: What Merchandise Should I Invest In?

If you are just starting out I would say, T-Shirts! Why T-shirts you may ask?

For 1, it’s a cheaper investment than other forms of merchandise. So it’s an easier investment. And 2, everyone loves T-Shirts and they become walking billboards! Make sure you get your logo on it with your website link. That way people know where to go to find you. The worst thing you could do is not have a link on it!

Protip: Find some beautiful model type women to take pics in your shirt. Then use those images as marketing tools to create brand awareness for your movement.

Question #3: What Other Merchandise Should I Offer?

The main rule to remember is “Give The People What They Want”.

Ask people what type of merchandise they want and be receptive. If they say T-shirts, give them T-Shirts. If they say Hoodies, give them Hoodies, CD’s give them CD’s. We are in the business of entertainment and giving the people what they want is our main objective.


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