If You Got Recording Problems I Feel Bad For You Son/ You Took 99 Takes, But It Just Takes One/

Step 1: Experience

Pros have experience in the studio and rapping in front of people. They feel supreme confidence in themselves.

If your still new to all this it can be nerve racking. When that microphone is in your face and you know recording is on you realize your no longer rapping to yourself in your bedroom.

I can usually tell when people are relative “studio virgins”. They always boss up and act like the experience doesn’t intimidate them. In all reality they need to get comfortable with their surroundings and with the microphone as their instrument.

Step 2: Sleep, Water, Food

Pros know that the best takes come when they feel great. Lack of sleep makes it harder to bring out your delivery at a consistent level. You may be quoting Kevin Gates but I know when your tired lol

You do not want your vocal chords shot when you go in to the studio. Make sure you got yourself water or tea (not iced tea or anything like that, hot tea). Especially if you are a studio smoker, that cottonmouth will kill your take every time.

Make sure you eat that day at least once or twice before going in. Get plenty of greens and try not to pig out or eat junk. Pigging out and eating junk maybe even worse than not eating at all before going in. You must keep your energy high so be smart about what you feed yourself.

Step 3: Practice Makes Perfect

How many times have we heard this growing up on a sports team? Yet, some still have yet to learn that lesson.

I’ve had dozens of artists not come prepared to the studio and it hurts progress every time. You see when you don’t need your paper or phone and can memorize your lyrics then you can nail it on 1 take. You learn all the ins and outs of your verse, how each syllable is pronounced. How your delivery and flow will be to the smallest detail.

Do not try to be Biggie, Jay, or Wayne! If you can’t come up with a well-thought out verse just using your mind, then your simply free styling. Depending on your freestyle game you probably need to stick with writing. There’s nothing wrong with writing your lyrics down and practicing!

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