The 3 Types Of Rappers

My mentor Postman from LiveOffBeats shared this on one of his videos for producers. But I think this equally applies to rappers as well and if you see yourself as the first 2 examples then it’s a sign for you to change!

Without further delay let’s begin:

The Bullshitting Rapper

The Bullshitting Rapper treats their potential and career like shit! Most likely, if you are this first one your probably not even on this site right now.

The BS Rapper is against investing in themselves. They will not buy beats, buy studio time, artwork, or anything else that will help him grow. Instead he will lay a shitty quality mixtape down and claim they are doing major things. The biggest irony is these type of guys claim they got the most bread of anyone!

The BS Rapper will tell people he spits bars but won’t act on anything of real value to him. For example, he will tell Joe Schmo down the block that he got a new mixtape but when it comes time to getting that mixtape out there and into the hands of someone who can help skyrocket him to success, he won’t do shit. To him, just uploading the mixtape to DatPiff is a chore.

The Hustlin Rapper

The Hustlin Rapper is doing way better than the BS Rapper. Still the Hustlin Rapper, does only that, he/she hustles!

What they don’t understand is Hustling, means Grinding, and that means struggling. Click here if you want to know more about to stop struggling.

The Hustling Rapper hustles hard, and it’s beautiful, the only problem is that once they get comfortable they feel they on. Then they sit and feel like they the shit, meanwhile they ain’t following up that initial success. Then their buzz dies down, then it’s time to hustle hard again!

I was here once, and I’m sure some of my readers are here right now. It’s time to stop hustlin’ guys….

The Business-Minded Rapper

The Business-Minded Rapper is the one that is really poppin’! They are the real one making money and getting rep! Not just talking about it on their records.

The Business-Minded Rapper understands a quality investment, whether that’s buying beats online or offline, paying to get on the radio, getting quality artwork done. Whatever they need they make sure they have it, and it’s the best quality!

The Business-Minded Rapper looks at the competition and the game as it stands and looks for ways to innovate and kick their way into it. They understand that it’s not a free lunch and they gotta earn their keep.

When something doesn’t work out for the Business-Minded Rapper they don’t cry and bitch (well maybe for a little bit, we all human at the end of the day), instead they ask themselves one simple question:

What worked and what didn’t work? How can turn this into an opportunity for me instead of a loss?

That last question may be the most powerful one anyone can ask themselves. Instead, of focusing on the loss itself, they look for ways to turn it into a victory!

Invaluable Resources for The Business Minded Rapper

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