Platinum Mixtape Package

Watch video below for easy instructions to start and complete your mixtape


*IMPORTANT* Please follow all instructions below to complete order

Step #1: Choose Your 5 Beats

Start your order by choosing your 5 Beats from over 200 in our players. Type the titles of each beat into email form to the right. Once I recieve this email, I will gather your beats and send over the MP3, Wavs, Trackouts, and Premium Lease licenses. DO NOT PURCHASE BEATS FROM PLAYER

Step #2: Complete Your Tracks

*IMPORTANT* The order cannot be completed until your tracks are done and sent over to me. You MUST get your tracks completed and sent before we move forward.

Step #3: Send Tracks & Cover Description

  • Complete and Order Tracks
  • Compress to Zip Folder and Send Download Link
  • Send Artist Name, Mixtape Title, Images, and other detailed info to get cover completed. (Important: Images must be HQ/Hi Resolution. Images of you must be clean and easy to use)

Step #4: Tagged Project with Cover sent to you

After the cover is completed I will tag and embed to tracks and send you the link to download your finished mixtape

Step #5: Send links for videos and blog post

Please send me all the links and info you want me to place in the video descriptions and blog post. This is important if you want people to find you can get in contact with you. Without this information it will be left out.

Step #6: Videos + Blog Post posted

Links to videos and blog post will be sent over to you for you to check out and promote.

Step #7: Affiliate Account Created

Once the entire order is completed I will immediately begin work on your affiliate account so that you can earn 50% commissions of all orders you refer to We Got Beats.