Selling Beats With Mobile HTML5 Store

I used to believe selling beats through a mobile store was too early to really be effective. Maybe in couple years I said, that was just earlier this year I said this.

Well, I am a man and I don’t mind admitting to being wrong because mobile beat selling is now here in the flesh and it’s time for you as a beatmaker or music producer to take full advantage of this glorious opportunity.

Below I will share just a few tips that worked for me as well as divulge my secret content syndication system.

Tip #1: Always Set Up Beat Store Tracking

Like many of you I used to sell my beats online. They are easy to use and in my opinion are the best platform to sell beats from right now.

Setting up tracking is as easy as setting up your beat store. Below is an image on how to do it:


selling beats online

This was a player I just set up for one of my blog posts. The prefix “m” means this is my mobile store, blog is of course a blog post, then the blog post title. Now I know where my sales are coming from. If you do not know where your sales are coming from and your building a beat business you deserve a slacking slap on the back of your neck. Trust me, the loss of profit is more painful.

Tip #2: Have A Content Syndication System and a Beat Selling List

Seriously guys, if you haven’t set up your beat selling list, which is your entire wealth in selling beats, give yourself another slacking slap and then get on it right away. This is so critical because most people who come to your site no matter how much they like your beats will not buy the first time they hear them. Focus on building the relationship first and also truly care about your prospects as clients and try to help them in any way that you can.

Remember, your prospects and clients are real live people with real life wants and needs and emotions like you. They are not just some email address to spam. Think about this, would you spam your grandmother? No? How about your best friend? Then don’t spam your prospects and clients.

This is where the content syndication system comes into play:

sell more beats online

This is secret squirrel information right here that I haven’t shared with anyone but if you do this you correctly you will be more effective and sell beats.

It all starts with your awesome, valuable, helpful idea for content. If your list is rappers your ideas should help rappers! Simple right?

That then moves to a new youtube video. Film the video with your webcam, cellphone cam, screenshot, whatever you need to make the video. Remember, it’s about the quality of information not the quality of image.

Once you have that done and uploaded to Youtube, embed the video on your blog post on your site. Then write a 300-500 word blog post on the topic.

At the bottom of the blog post include your beat stores like I covered above. Here’s an example:

selling beats example

After your done with your blog post, post a link to the post on your Youtube Video Description so people can check your site out.

Now time for the final phase, write your list a broadcast email linking to your blog post and video. This great, valuable content will make your prospects and clients loyal to your brand and when they want to buy beats guess who they are coming to? That’s right you!

If you follow these tips I am sure you will be able to at least sell 1 beat a month.

Want more tips? Got questions? Leave a comment below!

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