Steps For Success When Using WorldStarHipHop Music Video

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    Create Launch For Video

    You might want to look at some of the other posts on here to details on a launch. I will say this, if you have no systems prepared to collect new fans or get revenue, whether by streaming or downloading, you will be up shits-creek indefinitely. Preferably you want a Paid Album launch. Get them to you iTunes and get them to download or stream. But what good is this when you have a hard time finding who they are and staying in contact with them? Thats where you need to drive traffic to your website and social media. Encourage them to like you on Facebook, Follow you on twitter, or enter their email address on your website for something free of value. That way you can see long term benefits of this WSHH video.

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    Create Video for Single

    Do not skimp with the song or video. The audience on WorldStarHipHop is brutal. If the song is not dope and the video is wack they will crucify you and no lasting impact will result. Go local for your video but do not get cheap quality. Get someone who knows directing, producing, editing to shoot your video. Someone who has the equipment and know how to complete your vision. Expect to pay a few hundred or thousand but I recommend you get a bulk deal on videos. That way your saving more money for a necessary expense.

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    Purchase Your Slot

    Do not fool yourself into thinking your shit is going to be posted organically. Unless your in good with the editors of the site or really popping that will never happen. Instead, you will have to pay about $750 for the slot. There is more information on there site if you would like to check it out yourself. Make sure you change your caption to your name submitted. Your value dwindles if you put unsigned artist. That makes you sound desperate for a benefactor. You are your own boss and I believe in your greatness. So do not cheapen yourself like most dudes I see on there.

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    Strong CTA (Call-To-Action)

    Somewhere in your video you need to have strong CTAs. Request the viewer to like you on Facebook, Follow you, enter their email address on your site for a free gift. You must stay in contact with the people who are fans of your song and video. Otherwise, they are gone with the wind. The hard fact is, 1 WSHH video will not make you blow up. Some cases like IceJJFish are exceptions because these videos are more funny than serious. In this realistic approach you must realize that you have to milk every opportunity and win from this video as you can. Then multiply your efforts on there for a bigger and bigger buzz.


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