2 Types Of People In This World

The Social Butterfly – They thrive in social situations, they are the life of the party when they step through. Their aura and presense is felt all around them – people recognize them and take notice. This kind of persons confidence is through the roof.

The Introvert – They prefer to stay to themselves than go out and party. If this is you, you may prefer the studio than the stage. Introverts tend to be socially awkward and don’t make many friends because of their habit of being reserved. I am actually an introvert myself so there are many great qualities as well but mainly the people who are introverts are the way they are because of….

Negative Perception of Self

Click to purchase Maxwell Maltz - Pyscho-Cybernetics
Click to purchase Maxwell Maltz – Pyscho-Cybernetics

If your socially awkward and find it hard to talk or meet new people then I highly suggest you pick up the book above – Maxwell Maltz – Psycho-Cybernetics.

The stem of your problem lies in your negative perception of self, everyone is different but similar problems exist between people. This book will help you change all that around and help me create a better image in your mind of yourself. That change of mindset will radiate out and people will start taking notice of you because of it. Perfect for Rappers going to Networking events such as….

Networking At Conventions (and other venues)

Watch my video above to learn some more indepth tactics you can use but there is something that I suggest everyone do. Find a bulk deal on USB Flash Drives (even better if you can find them customized) and put all your music on there. Hardly anyone is doing this and people going to remember this more than a CD that you hand out.

With the right attitude, preparation, and team you can walk up to some of the biggest people in the game with no worries.

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