Tunecore - The Place To Go For Your Music

I’ve been online since 2003 promoting music so I’m familiar with CDBaby and Taxis services. Tunecore trumps all contenders with access and opportunities for all budgets.

Back when TuneCore was just getting started I was a member of their affiliate program. They discontinued it, but because this service is so invaluable to those of us who create music I couldn’t stop promoting it.

Signing up for an account on TuneCore is your first and FREE step. It’s so easy you can sign up using your Facebook Account. Any music you want syndicated will have to be bought though.

Luckily for you the prices are more than affordable and if you say they are not, then you should simply click out of this post because music takes marketing. Without your willingness to spend money on the investments you need you will never make your goals.

How TuneCore Works

You will pay TuneCore to distribute your music through avenues such as iTunes, Amazon, Spotify, and plenty more! When people hear your music – you get paid for the stream. When people download your music – you get paid 100% of your money. Other services will charge you a fee for the download – not TuneCore!

This is almost completely passive income when you actually thinking about it! Not to hype it up – and of course your results will vary, but can you at least sense the massive potential?

Even if you are broke, not getting that many streams or downloads. If you could earn a measly 15-20 bucks a day by releasing a song you enjoyed making – wouldn’t that be worth it?

The Details

Instead of having, me, the outsider tell you the details, how about you learn from the source itself? Please visit www.tunecore.com to read all the details and to sign up for your free account.

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