Step 1: Where Does Their Heart Lay?

This is just human nature right here, everyone has a basic instinct to know where someone’s true intent lies. So we must ask the same question of producers when looking to choose one to work with.

The difference between producers should be, who just wants me to buy beats and who truly wants to build something great. The producers who just want you to purchase beats will not create free content to HELP artists. Most of the time a blog like this is non-existent on their website. All they will talk about is BEATS, BEATS, BEATS, SALE, PROMO, SALE! Not understanding their total lack of respect for artists creates this problem. Same on the other hand could be said of artists but thats another topic.

The producer who actually want you to grow and prosper will do everything in their power to make sure you stay well informed. They make sure they give you honest feedback because ultimately the sale is not what we want. Do we want that sale, well of course! We are not being driven by the sale, instead we are being driven by the goosebumps feeling you get when you made a classic. I know you understand that unexplainable high you get when you make a banger lol

Step 2: Does Your Styles Mesh?

You have a unique style so you need a producer who will compliment your style. What type of beat are you looking for? Do they make similar type of beats? Do they have a genuine, original quality to them that sets them apart from everyone else? Do you get a rush of ideas when you hear their beats?

Those are the qualifications and questions you must ask to find out whether or not you want to work with that producer.

Step 3: Studio Access

If they are local or nearby, you want to inquire about studio access and pricing. It’s always better to be in the studio gathering ideas with your producer. I’ve had some of the best experiences and tracks because of it.

Online is great as well because you may not find a producer in your area that fits your style. It still is nice to be able to get in the studio and should be given careful consideration when deciding who your producer is going to be.

Step 4: License Terms

When you purchase a beat from a producer you are not actually purchasing a beat. What you are in fact doing is purchasing a License to use the beat. These licenses can contain anything so it’s best to understand what the producers terms are before proceeding.

If you were wanting to learn more about licensing beats visit – What Is Beat Licensing? Tips For Buying Beats Online

Step 5: Pricing

Now that brings us down to Price. Every producer charges and shouldn’t be expected to work for free. Just like you as a rapper shouldn’t be expected to work for free.

Honestly look at your budget and what you will be willing to spend on beats, studio time, mixing and mastering, ect. Then ask the producer how much he/she charges for these items.

Since different licenses come with each beat everyone operates at different price points. If you got kids at home and you struggling right now it might not be the best idea to go for Exclusive Rights or Custom Beats right?

Nothing is wrong with Basic Leases or Non-Exclusives when your just getting up and started. If you do have the budget though, you need to look at getting Exclusive Rights for all the beats you purchase.


Travis Schave is CEO/Founder/Music Producer at As well as helping your craft dope tracks and make beats, he is also in charge of our content making sure you get the right information to make decisions in your rap career.