What Is Guerrilla Marketing?

Guerilla Marketing is defined as:

a marketing strategy in which low-cost, unconventional means are used to promote a product, individual or service.

When I first started getting serious about having a music production business I realized I was broke as hell and had hardly any funds for this startup. You may be in the exact same situation I was in, if so, pay very close attention and watch the video.

After doing this for about 8 years now I can say that I have discovered certain tricks to get results with a low-budget.

But this is a kind warning – if you are not ready to be online for hours doing a slow, sometimes monotonous task, this may not be the post for you…

How To Implement Guerrilla Marketing Online

  • 1

    Add/Follow People On Social Media

    First think about what audience would be most interested in the type of music you make then find groups where they congregate, or simply search using hashtags of relevant subjects. Once you find them add or follow them!

  • 2

    Building The Relationship

    Once your confirmed as a friend or follower this is what you must do next. Like, comment, share, retweet anything that interests you on their page. Actually interact and engage with them as a friend. When you do that send them a private message. NO SPAM! NO SENDING MUSIC YET! Simply thank them for accepting your request to be friends and ask them questions about something they posted. Better yet if they just shared a song from YouTube, that makes for an easy segway into introducing your music.

  • 3

    Sending Over The Music

    After 7 contacts back and forth mention your music, and if you have built enough rapport with the person they will have no problem checking it out and giving you feedback. If they love it you got a fan, if not back to looking for more people. If they love your music get them to like your Fan Page on Facebook for updates. Make sure you thank them after doing all this. From there on continue to build the relationship with your following. Give them free content, music, and contests as well as selling music and merch!

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