Brand New Trap Beat For Sale called "Grindin' Out"


I started working on this beat and sort of left it alone for a few days trying to figure out what else I wanted to do with it.

Then I saw this video someone shared on Facebook. Now, I have no idea who this guy is but when I heard that line he dropped I knew that was a sample! Lol

At first I was going to make a brand new trap instrumental from that joint. So I went ahead, sampled it into my Akai S950 (kickin’ it old school), and brought it into FL Studio 11.

After I brought the sample into FL Studio, I immediately thought of that beat I was working on early and figured it would be worth a try sampling it in that beat.

To my surprise it was a match! Screwed the vocals a little bit, its got that Down South, DJ Screw, Texas type swag to it. So if you love that type of trap music you definetely want to be purchasing this when it drops tomorrow!

Grindin' Out (Trap Beat) Drops Tomorrow On Store Below!

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