Free Mixtapes: Pros and Cons

Free Mixtapes are a great way to start building a fanbase. They are cheap to produce, fun to make, and of course free to the consumer.

The problem I see most frequently is that rappers use Free Mixtapes wayyyyy too much. The fear of asking people to pay overcomes their desire to live their dream!

Then there is the fear of having fear! Let’s be honest, it’s hard to say your afraid to ask for people to pay. But honestly, theres a deeper rooted problem in people like this. That problem is a lack of self worth that needs to and must be overcame immediately.

If you find yourself in the above, do not hesitate to act at once to start identifying your triggers of fear. Then by working on yourself, start overcoming those challenges.

Just remember that Free Mixtapes have their place but do not make it too much of a habit. Unless you have another sources of income from music that will make sacrificing your paid music valuable to you. If you want my own opinion, never deny yourself any source of income if it’s benefiting you.

Free Mixtapes: Application

If your starting out or wanting to build your fanbase up mixtapes are the way to go. Hell, if you want to re-energize your existing fans, a free mixtape will most likely do the trick. The main ingredients go into how you market it and yourself.

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    Create The Mixtape

    Your going to need beats, recording time, artwork, advertising dollars, maybe even a DJ to host it for you to make it official. I suggest you start making a mixtape series. Your fans will be anticipating the followup to the last one. Think of Lil Wayne - The Carter as an example

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    Prepare the Launch

    This has to be a major launch! Start announcing it a month ahead so people are ready to eat it up when it comes out. Your going to have to craft a marketing campaign, shoot videos, get on your social media accounts, even get 1-on-1 with people like I talked about in the guerrilla marketing post. The main point is that you have their undivided attention and they are interested in what you have to offer.

  • 3

    Drop The Mixtape

    Plenty of sites like DatPiff, LiveMixtapes, HotNewHipHop, BandCamp (you get the picture) allow you to drop your Free Mixtapes. If you can do all of them and then send your main followers to 1 main site. You don't want them confused. Next your revving up your marketing efforts, more videos, more singles, more testimonials and co-signs. Collaborate with a bigger artist on your mixtape to leverage yourself to a wider audience.

  • 4

    Exploit The Opportunity That Result

    Mixtapes, like anything else, are hit and miss. Still, look deeper and figure out how well your mixtape performed. How many downloads did you get? How many contacts did you get? Finding your numbers can help you find how well you did. It can also tell you what worked and what didn't so that you can be stronger next time!

Paid Album: Pros and Cons

Paid albums are not only a great way to earn income but also demonstrate to you and everyone else that you are a serious artist who does not work for free. It’s economical as well as stepping into the role as a serious music artist.

The downside is that some people just want free music. Do not worry, you must think in multiple sources of income instead of just one. So even if your paid music revenues are small you are still benefiting from it and have other sources inside your music to more than make up for it.

The future is looking brighter for paid albums in my opinion because people long for that extended experience again. A classic album is what people fiend for, besides the revenues from the new streaming services make it more worth it in these times.

Paid Albums: Application

You really want to follow the step by step graphic above for Free Mixtapes because thats a great way to start your way into an Album launch.

Some more emphasis on 4. Exploiting Opportunities.  You want to look for clubs and show to perform at as well as networking events. 

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