“its not about what you know, its about who you know”.

Just like how that old saying goes, Entrepreneur and Investor Freddie Achom believes that networking is somewhere between 60 to 70 percent of your business.

This is totally true in a number of different ways.

First, you could know that it is “Possible” to live your dreams with your music, but you may not have a mentor who can show you how it’s done or connect you to other people that can help you.

You should be on a daily routine of trying to build a strong team and network helping you and aiding you in your goals. But it is important that they also understand and believe in your goal and that they know what role they play in achieving that.

Thats what TRUE LEADERS do!

This is also beneficial when your wanting to fund your project and have little to no money.

To have connects with people who have the money to invest and believe in what you have to offer is priceless. Of course, they have to be prepared to lose it all, just like you should. You cannot have the reward without the risk!

Don’t wait for investors though, you need to start right now by working on your unique value, your product (your music), and investing in yourself. It makes a load of difference when you believe enough in yourself to put your money where your mouth is.

Setting Goals For Rappers

Goal Setting, making plans, and executing those plans to achieve your goal is what you need to be focused on. If you have things in your life right now that do not aid you in achieving your goal – GET RID OF IT!

If you have certain friends or family who distract you or put you down, you gotta distance yourself from them so you can do what you need to do. Remember you are the only one that has to live your life, everyone else is spectators, its your life you win or lose.

Action Step: Set This Goal For Yourself...

Set a goal for this month to add at least 10 industry contacts you can build relationships with.

These could be A&Rs, Managers, DJ’s, Producers, or just people on their squad that are not well known who you can access easily. Start associating with these people on a daily basis instead of unsupportive people who will not aid you. I Dare You to do this!

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Travis Schave is CEO/Founder/Music Producer at WeGotBeats.com. As well as helping your craft dope tracks and make beats, he is also in charge of our content making sure you get the right information to make decisions in your rap career.