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Plugin #1: SugarBytes Effectrix


Why SugarBytes Effectrix?

This is one of the top-plugins being used right now in hip-hop, rap, and rnb music. The infamous tape-stop effect that you hear on countless records nowdays can now be yours! The vinyl effect is the only one of many powerful features this plugin offers.

Link to SugarBytes Effectrix

Plugin #2: Waves L2


Why Waves L2?

By Far this is my favorite limiter to use, especially on the master channel. Technically you can pretty much change any regular compressor into a limiter but a dedicated limiter saves time dialing in settings. Waves L2 cuts all corners for making everything loud as possible while keeping your levels in check. Just remember that a little of this can go a long wayyyy!

Link to Waves L2

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Plugin #3: Any Parametric EQ


Why Parametric EQ?

Parametric EQ should be a staple in your arsenal. The EQ shown above is the Fruity Parametric EQ2 inside of FL Studio, but the principle is the same. If you ever owned an old radio or stereo system you probably have a Graphic EQ which is similar to one of these. Basically, cut or boost any frequencies you want.

Link to Parametric EQ Info

Plugin #4: Waves C1


Why Waves C1?

As a Rapper your most important instrument is your vocal, and it needs to sound strong! Waves C1 will accomplish this plus some more. The C1 is a basic compressor with a similar look of many standard compressors, but the sheer power of the sonics make this a truly monstrous compressor.

Link to Waves C1

Plugin #5: Autotune 7


Why AutoTune 7?

Everyone either mocks or hates AutoTune, but theres one thing for certain, it is still hugely popular and people are still making hits with it. If people love this sound why not give them what they want? This is Art but it is also Entertainment at the end of the day! I suggest you grab this while it is still hot to do it!

Link to AutoTune 7

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