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Part 2: The Paid Method

This is by far my favorite method because you let your money work for you. Of course you do have to have money to do this but the good news for you is that it’s affordable on any budget!

Let’s Get Started…

Step 1: Creating Ad

Creating an ad on Facebook is quick, easy and creative! One of the strong points is that you can run image ads to targeting people at a fraction of the cost of other sites.

You want to go up to the Drop Down menu (where you usually sign out) and click on Create an Ad. Then you choose the objective of your ad. Since you are wanting to build up your fanpage then I suggest a Boosted Post or Promote Page. This will get tons of interactions to your page fast and cheaply.

Make sure you have a few images to test out because it’s important to have the right image on a Facebook Ad. Stay away from blues and whites because they blend into Facebook too much. Instead go with a more contrasting color like Red, Yellow, Orange, ect.

For Ad Text (ad copy) I suggest you pick up Tested Advertising Methods.

Step 2: Targeting

Targeting is the most important aspect to all this. If you have tons of money and the right copy but targeting the wrong markets you will FAIL!

Remember researching people for Guerrilla Marketing? Use those principles when choosing Age, Sex, Location, Interests, Behaviors. Really get under the skin of who your prospect is use that in your targeting.

Step 3: Budgeting

Before I continue, I do not want my email/comments section filled up with bs like “I don’t have money for ads”. Especially when I see y’all getting drunk at the club on the weekends and trickin on females. Smh but anways..

Everyone can gather a few dollars for a test. You can gather up 15-20 dollars right now and you have 3-4 days of testing at $5.00/per day. Now does that sound outrageously expensive? Are we going to the bread lines for paying for all that advertising?

Okay enough sarcasm I am sure you get the point. Basically you can do what you want right now and I don’t want you making excuses for not living the life you deeply desire to live.

Hopefully you’ve enjoyed this series!


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